After almost two years at Voxbone, I will be moving on to the next adventure for the next year or so. I've been accepted at University College London to pursue a Master's degree in Telecommunications and Business at their engineering school.

The last couple of years have been crucial to my professional development and culminate to this success. I've worked with very interesting and passionate teammates on insipiring projects, and met a lot of amazing people along the way. I've come out of this experience grown and acquired a great deal of new knowledge - thanks to the team at Voxbone.

A year and a half ago, I merely knew what VoIP was (or what it stood for!) and here I am going off to master in Telecommunications. I am extremely excited to attend such a presitigious university, especially knowing that none other than Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone is counted as one of their notable alums!

I am looking forward to get immersed in this new field, meet bright students, contribute to leading research (hello WebRTC!), and get to know London better.