Last week, I was invited to speak at DeveloperWeek 2015 about WebRTC and the future of SIP. This was my biggest event as 200 seats where available to the audience which made me somewhat nervous! Fortunately for me, only about half come out to see my presentation.

The subject of WebRTC and SIP and other signalling protocols is one that brings a lot of heat to debates in the industry. I found it very fun to speak about this at the DeveloperWeek event and engage in fiesty Q&As!

My slides are available here.

I also initally wrote an article about the subject call "WebRTC, A Future Without SIP?"

The real fun part was that I held a WebRTC and SIP workshop during that week with a handful (50) developers to show them how to add voice communication to the browser and link it to legacy systems in no time.

One comment that a Java (VoIP) developer made was that adding voice to the browser wasn't new and that we were already able to do all that 10 years ago. Interesting! A heated debate again, muhaha.

It is true that WebRTC and voice/video in the browser is nothing new. The real catch here is that until now, if you wanted to communicate with someone in the browser, you both needed to download plugins/firmware/apps/etc.. Now, with WebRTC, it's all built in the browser. Meaning any app developer can assume that his users will be able to communicate that way no matter what!

Speaking at this major event was so much fun and made me get out of my comfort zone (first time I spoke to more than 50 people!).